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Singer Ruby Rae photographed at O'Connor's Bar, Brooklyn, Sept 2010.  Her sound is lonesome and twangy and swampy and far away.  Great gal to work with - thanks Agatha!

I have been favoring very raw looking images these days, as opposed to more "perfected" images.  Of course I will always love the sublime lighting, because I enjoy doing that tremendously, but sometimes I need to go lo-fi.  Partly this comes from my love of documentary and reportage photography (Bruce Davidson, Robert Frank, Susan Meiselas, etc.), and partly because I like shooting the action as it reveals itself.  I also like the way these type of reportage portraits make the viewer feel like they are witnessing a special hidden moment.

When I worked at TV Guide I got to see much of their amazing archive files (actual manila folders!).  What I loved the most was the shoots from the 60-70s when they would send out the photog (usually Gene Trindl) to the home of the celelb and the photog would shoot 35mm kodachrome, available light, and seemingly just spend the day with them in a very casual way.  I know we cannot go back to this (especially with celeb culture today), but it became an inspiration - to create that feeling of intimacy which can apply to any subject.

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