Interview with Rose Callahan on the Candid Frame

Thanks to Ibarionex Perello the very talented photographer and creator of the Candid Frame photography podcast for interviewing me! I loved the questions he asked - they steered our conversation to bring out some surprising thoughts and details I hadn't considered before. This is a very special skill, and I am in awe of people like Mr. Perello that can do it so effortlessly. Our conversation centers around my new book We are Dandy, but also covers my life as a photographer and the journey of developing The Dandy Portraits body of work.

Mr. Perello also said We are Dandy was one of his favorite photo books of the year! I'll take that as a high compliment coming from a man that has his eyes finely tuned to the world of photography.

New Book! We are Dandy

I'm very happy to announce that my new book We are Dandy: The Elegant Gentleman Around the World will be launching this week! This second volume with writer Nathaniel Adams - our first was I am Dandy - explores modern dandyism as a global phenomenon.

We began shooting and interviewing for it in January 2016 (!) - first visiting Italy, Germany, UK, France, and Belgium, then Japan in April and finally South Africa in June. Somehow it all came together on the craziest of deadlines and the book will be for sale just to catch the Christmas rush. It's all happened so quickly! One one hand it feels really good to get it out into the world without delay, but on the other hand I've barely got a chance to see a finished copy myself and it's POOF! out into the world.

My husband Kelly filmed the whole time on all our interviews so there will be a film component to the project we are developing right now. We had so much help along the way and I want to especially thank Masato Kawai (creator of Japanese Dandy book) for making the Tokyo trip a huge success along with our interpreter Naomi Maruyama. Photographer Harness Hamese was a wonderful addtion to the team in Johannesburg and Luca Lanzoni made everything more fun in Italy.

Interview with Photographer Rose Callahan

I had the distinct honor of being asked a million questions about my work by Glenn Wiggins of False Image Podcast. He started his podcast because he was so curious about the real stories behind creative achievements. Most of the time it get's glossed over, but he likes to dig deeper. Glenn is very thorough! Even digging up a story about my first ever creative job painting a sign for my favorite vintage store (and still one of the best!) when I was thirteen years old. I hope you enjoy it if you ever wanted to know more about my story!

The infamous sign I painted when I was thirteen. I was upset it wasn't perfect, but the owner Joan loved it and used it for years...

London in New York


Brilliant creative director Carolyn London (think Don Draper if he was a badass bosslady, and not a jerk) has launched her own agency called London in New York. I first met Carolyn when she hired me to shoot her brain child for the Metropolitan Opera - the Last Night at the Met blog which I've been doing since 2013. For London in New York she is teaming up once again with long time collaborator Michael Vadino. I was honored to shoot the brand spanking new portraits for their ensuing world domination.

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The Lady Dandies for Spirit & Flesh Magazine


As sun sets on the quotidian, the Lady Dandies awaken.

Fashion Editorial for Spirit and Flesh Magazine
Photography by Rose Callahan
Styling and Production by  Cynthia Altoriso

Starring Daphne Malfitano and Brittany Markert

Hair and Make Up by Jerry Lopez
Assistance and Film by Kelly Desmond Bray
Studio and Backdrops by Charles Broderson
Clothes by Maggie Norris Couture
Hats by Tricia Roush / House of Nines Design
Smoking jackets, wool trousers and black coat, courtesy of the stylist
Boots by Louboutin

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Bartender Style - Pam Wiznitzer for Bit By a Fox

Cocktails and style go hand in hand in my mind, and the best bartenders have a style all their own. Whether it's how they mix a drink, what they wear behind the bar, tools they custom make, or the character or their hospitality, it all conspires with their bar to create an ambience that can transport us away from our ordinary day. For this new series called Bartender Style, a collaboration with award winning cocktail blog Bit By a Fox, I am exploring how personal style is expressed by the best bartenders of today. Please meet badass bold beautiful bosslady Pam Wiznitzer photographed at her bar Seamstress

Nick Sullivan for Park and Bond

Nick Sullivan, Fashion Director of Esquire Magazine, at home in Brooklyn, Aug 2012

One of my favorite shots from my recent work for Park and Bond.  We were channeling a bit of Irving Penn here.  Not sure exactly how, but it's there.  I love Nick's incredible deep teal velvet jacket, his unbuttoned cuffs and that wonderful table!

Rose Island Lighthouse

Rose Island Lighthouse
There is a little island in Newport Harbor called Rose Island.  It has a historic lighthouse that has been lovingly restored by some very dedicated group of local residents and supporters involved with the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation.  Can you imagine my delight when I found out you can stay in the lighthouse?!   Rumor has it that they can host small wedding receptions (!), so we set out to do a very serious investigation.

We approached the island in a shroud of fog, which made the experience of discovering this little gem even more special.  It felt like our island...even though two other couples were staying overnight also.  I guess that's better, because it might be a bit too scary to be all alone for this first night!

Rose Island Lighthouse
You can only get to Rose Island by boat.  This time of year - off season - the Starfish, a lobster boat reclaimed by the Foundation, brings overnight guests in the morning.

Rose Island Lighthouse
At every turn I was overwhelmed with what I was seeing, hearing, smelling...seeing sights that made me feel thoughtful and calm, hearing water lapping at the rocks, faint foghorn, a little bell on a nearby buoy, smelling foggy sea air, wet rocks and sand.  We stayed in the brick building on the left, called the Foghorn Room.  I highly recommend it - very secluded with stunning views right out to the rocks and water.  The main Light Keeper's Building (on the left) is restored to circa 1912, and looked amazing, but didn't seem as private.

Rose Island Lighthouse Rose Island Lighthouse, Foghorn Room
Rose Island Lighthouse, Foghorn Room
The Foghorn Room on Rose Island Lighthouse was a dream.  Even though we had to keep our provisions in a cooler (no electricity) and get our water from a water cooler (no running water) , it didn't bother us because we were keen on getting away and unplugging from the city.  Sounds a little like camping, and it was a bit, but if you know what to expect and prepare, it's a unique experience. There were very nice "out houses" and an outdoor shower using collected rainwater.  It's a green, eco-friendly destination for sure!  

I fell in love with the island a little bit, and craved to go back when we left.  It would be a dynamite place to go with a few couples or group of friends and have a great weekend away.   And a wedding?  With a little imagination and a lot of planning - perhaps!

Happy Easter!

@kittyfraser glowing :)

Are you going to the Easter Parade?  Kitty here is all decked out on her first trip to NYC.  I think she could fit right it.

The Real Ad Men

Richard Christiansen, founder of Chandelier Creative, NYC, March 2012

For menswear retailer Park & Bond I recently made portraits of some of the stylish real ad men of NYC to harken the return of the series Mad Men.  Take a look at the portraits of five of the top men in their field here.

Yes, the offices of Chandelier Creative have a ball pool, which is sometimes used for meetings.  Brilliant!  



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