Dream Art Collection, Part 1 - Tina Berning

One of my dreams is to start an art collection - not just buy flea market photos, but collect works of artists I love (including friends!).  This would mostly mean portrait and street photography, but there are some painters and illustrators that I feel an affinity for.  Like Tina Berning.  I saw her work at a large NYC art exhibition, and wanted to buy it immediately.  Little "out of my price range" for now, but I can dream right?

Tina Berning's work is so textural in a way that photography cannot be.  I love her palette and the materials she uses (many are painted on old ledger or book pages).  And her subjects seem to inhabit an alternate universe of past/future Weimar era glamour.  I bought the 100 Girls On Cheap Paper, and it is a gorgeous book.  Check her out,  and support your favorite artists!!

What would you like to have in your dream art collection?

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