New Book! We are Dandy

I'm very happy to announce that my new book We are Dandy: The Elegant Gentleman Around the World will be launching this week! This second volume with writer Nathaniel Adams - our first was I am Dandy - explores modern dandyism as a global phenomenon.

We began shooting and interviewing for it in January 2016 (!) - first visiting Italy, Germany, UK, France, and Belgium, then Japan in April and finally South Africa in June. Somehow it all came together on the craziest of deadlines and the book will be for sale just to catch the Christmas rush. It's all happened so quickly! One one hand it feels really good to get it out into the world without delay, but on the other hand I've barely got a chance to see a finished copy myself and it's POOF! out into the world.

My husband Kelly filmed the whole time on all our interviews so there will be a film component to the project we are developing right now. We had so much help along the way and I want to especially thank Masato Kawai (creator of Japanese Dandy book) for making the Tokyo trip a huge success along with our interpreter Naomi Maruyama. Photographer Harness Hamese was a wonderful addtion to the team in Johannesburg and Luca Lanzoni made everything more fun in Italy.

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