Xtine, Cinnamon Toast, & Star Trek

Xtine Baczewska at home, NYC, July 2009

I first met Xtine a few years back, when she hosted a sweet little Easter soiree in her East Village studio apartment. We all had tea and cake and I was in awe of all the little nook and crannies, and, of course, HER. What style! How could I not want to photograph her?

So last week I came by and became re-acquainted with Xtine (musician and art director) and her apt, and met her strangely elegant kitties - Cinnamon Toast and Star Trek. I asked a million questions, and photoed nearly every inch, and Xtine was gracious enough to let me do so. She has made her environment amazingly cozy and full of inspiring little vignettes in the 20 yrs she has been there. She even has hidden spaces for recording music and watching TV, but I betcha can't find em! Xtine is a true original and I am glad to know her.

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