Doran, Part 1

Doran The Dandy, San Francisco, May 2009

My friend Jake met Doran at a party and got his number so I could photograph him. He figured that since I photoed another great dandy, Lord Whimsy, that I definitely would want to make a portrait of Doran. Thank you, Jake!

It turns out that Doran and Lord Whimsy are friends...Dandyland is a small world. Who should be next?

More images from Doran's shoot coming...BTW that is his dog in the lower right that he had taxidermied. 


Anonymous said...

I loved your photos of Doran. What a dandy! I don't recall ever seeing him. I must get out more often. Also I am in love with Hollister.

Torwch said...

I am liking his mustache, very very nice blog!

christina said...

Great photos! I'm always appreciative of men with a unique sense of style.

Lord B.S. Whimsy said...

Doran's a treasure. No one quite like him. A true original.

Anonymous said...

That tattoo is horrible and fairly ridicolous.


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