Lord Whimsy and The Rose Callahan Treatment

Folks, let me introduce you to my new friend Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy.
Oh what fun it was to meet this gentleman and make his portrait!  He is the author of The Affected Provincial's Companion, a whimsical guidebook to how to cultivate joi de vivre in this wet wool world.

I found out about Whimsy from my beau who was searching for bespoke clothing, and one thing led to another and I knew it was my glorious fate to drive to New Jersey and document this man!

Whimsy is just one of those people that transport you to another realm when you are around them.  Suddenly the world of track suits and sneakers fades away, and Whimsy's world of curiosities, carnivorous plants, and flowery verbiage comes into focus.  I was in heaven!  And I think Whimsy enjoyed himself as well:

"That's right: I got The Rose Callahan Treatment.  And you know what? I loved it."

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