Where have all the gentlemen gone?

Robert E. Bryan at home, NYC, April 2011

The exquisite gentlemen of The Dandy Portraits have a new home at dandyportraits.blogspot.  At the end of last year I gave them this dedicated venue.  I also started a tumblr at dandyportraits.tumblr as a way to share images and refer back to the main blog.  So now you can get lost in the rabbit hole that is tumblr!  Oh, and you can also "like" the project on Facebook.  Phew!

I feel the world has gotten ultra complicated - do you agree?  I kind of like all these different ways to connect, but if one is seeking simplicity...well, it's frustrating.  It helps to see all these venues as having slightly different uses,  and benefits...here is my list:

Blogspot - Pros: better for longer form stories with images and writing - Cons: harder to share and customize, generally wonky.

Facebook: Pros: everyone uses it - Cons: Big Brother is watching, or Stalker's Delight?  Getting personal with strangers is uncomfortable. 

Twitter:  Pros: tune in to what info streams you want, do not have to be "friends", very easy, best for breaking news - Cons: your tweets or ideas have the life span of about 2 seconds, not good for images.

Tumblr:  Pros: images spread like wildfire, tune into feeds, and don't have to be "friends", very easy, good for driving traffic,  - Cons: addictive (rabbit hole), images can lose their source/credit too easily, attention span of 3 sec.

Flickr:  I just use right now as image hosting for the main blog.  I did it because it has a great search engine.  Nicely features and design.

Well those are the ones I use, but there are many more.  Since I started twitter, I kind of like the idea of tuning into feeds, instead of the "friend" thing which devalues the idea of friendship.   If anyone has another venue that they think is brilliant, please do tell!  

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