Out of the Past

Michael Arenella, Brooklyn, circa 2001
This quirky portrait of band leader Michael Arenella is from way back in the day...  We shot at the Dabora Gallery in Greenpoint, and it was the first time, I think, I ever met Michael.  At the time he was collaborating with Ami, and they had a regular gig at Black Betty playing vintage style moody jazz classics.  He has, of course, gone on to be very prolific as the leader of The Dreamland Orchestra, which performs "Hot and Sweet" vintage jazz.  Believe me, this man knows his stuff!

I find that I can get the best portraits when someone is either very comfortable and open, or conversely very uncomfortable or maybe even annoyed with me :)  But there has to be some emotion.  If there is indifference, a good portrait cannot happen.

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