Ad work for the NYC Mayor's Office

I recently made silhouette portraits of 19 people for an ad campaign, "Let's End Human Trafficking", for the NYC Mayor's Office. The campaign appears in bus shelters and online. I worked with the talented folks at Grey NY: Art Director, Natsuko Bosaka; Art Producer, Jayne Horowitz; Interactive Producer, Naomi White; and Account Executive, Lisa Montana. Thanks guys for a great shoot!

The last two are some favorite out takes. It was a very interesting practice for a portrait photog like me to hide most of the things I think make a connection to the viewer - eyes, mouth, features, tension. At first I set up a front light, dialed down, "just in case" I wanted to retrieve the details later, but I tossed that idea out once I saw how beautiful the silhouette can be. I was delighted to find that a lot of emotion and information can still be conveyed, even enhanced by what is hidden.

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