Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go, East Oakland, November 2009

The lead singer Jake Hout is an amazing painter as well. His wife, Kerith, who is a longtime buddy, helped out and held the light on the balcony above them, in the cobwebs and dirt (Thanks!) I like how this lighting came out because it does not look artificial. I think it is really the placement of the lights and the ratio that make all the difference, in general. Of course the actual quality of the light source is primarily important, but I'm talking about when you are working mobile flashes (Q-Flash).

So after we did the more proper band photos, we drove out to the train tracks as the sun went down, and I did some long ambient exposures just to see what the heck would happen.
Love fluorescent street lights. BTW I'm not telling who screamed like a girl when the train rushed by! I am very discreet.

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Lesley Ann said...

Those pictures are great. Their lead singer has amazing cheekbones and fantastic jaw line.


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