Cator Sparks, Dandy in Distress

Let's ring in the new year with a visit to a wonderful dandy, why don't we? Cator Sparks is the self proclaimed "Dandy in distress in search of Champagne"; he is a Southern gent by origin, and a dandy by way of London. He is a writer and blogs for T Magazine, and seems to know just about all the most interesting folks around.

For this visit I rode all the way up to Harlem to see his magnificent home. We did four costume changes! I mean, why not? From a full tuxedo with top hat to an Egyptian robe for lounging dandy style. Also he gave me a few key contacts for more dandies to photo for my project, tentatively titled Dandyland. Good things are going on!

Cator fashioned his office after Diana Vreeland's iconic office at Vogue. This makes me like Cator even more.

Techy: I brought two qflashes and ended up using mostly one and mixing with daylight. I usually like to bounce on a wall, but his wall's were so brightly colored I had to fudge it, bouncing into an umbrella and on the white ceilings.

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Matt Fox said...

Beautiful photos! Amazing post!


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