I have started working with a great little gem of an online magazine, The Scout, and they just posted this beautiful short video of artisan-leather-making-craftsmen-brother-team of Billykirk. I shot portraits and stills of Chris and Kirk Bray's Jersey City studio to accompany the video. Once you see it, you hardly want to call it a video because it is so beautifully shot by DP Ed David, it really is a "film".

This is the first in a series of shorts about craftsmanship that is the brainchild of Tom Ran. I can't wait for the next ones! They are beautiful and inspiring, and I love meeting these talented folks. When I first started taking pictures, I never even thought it would require me to deal so closely with strangers. It really effects you - to see how people live. But I truly enjoy this for better or worse. It is the most fascinating thing.

Chris Bray was nice enough to give me a lead on my next Dandy portrait - Cator Sparks. Going up to Harlem tomorrow to meet the Dandy in Distress!

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