Bourbon & Branch

Setting: The Tenderloin, San Francisco
"Excuse me, where can a thirsty bunch get a drink around here?"

Knock Knock KNOCK

The Negotiation

Absinthe, a Sazerac, and Rose's Manhattan, finally.

A fun night in San Francisco at Bourbon & Branch, a former (and one could say current) speakeasy housed under the imposing "The Anti-Saloon League" sign. Friend and genius mixologist Tim Stookey was our guide.


Naomi White said...

What a fun adventure! When were you there? Great pics! i love the last one with the cool wallpaper and exit sign. Manifique!

Jon said...

Lucky, I wish I had gone to B&B. BTW, what are you shooting with? Canon or Nikon?

Rose said...

Shooting with Canon's most awesome 5D.


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