A True Lady

Even while traipsing around the grounds of Old Westbury Gardens doing her work, Harriet's hair is always done, jewelry on, and her clothes just so in an understated, practical way. She is a caretaker at the gardens, and has been my guide the many times I have photographed there. I am always glad to see her again - opening the gates for the Motorhome in the morning mist - because she adds an eccentric, Grey Gardens vibe to the whole affair which I thoroughly enjoy.

In my overactive imagination Harriet is:
- a secret glamour girl
- tough as nails
- gets her hair done at a proper hairdresser once a week (or two)
- related to a cousin of a Kennedy and spent sunny childhood summers on sailboats in New England (or at least off Long Island!) until her one true love spurned her, and...

I wish she would invite me for tea one day.

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