Georgiana Starlington, Part 1

A place, a band, a state of mind? I cannot stop repeating Georgiana Starlington over and over and over is one of those names. I photographed the band last weekend in an empty rundown railroad apt in Brooklyn (courtesy of Naomi!). They are eerie and beautiful in a country, messed up lipstick kind of way, and playing the Bowery Ballroom on March 9 with the Black Lips. These shots are of Julie and Jack...more to come of the whole band, but these were some of my favorite outtakes.

Got to play around with the Canon 5d Mark 2! Awesome in low light, which is my preference these days. I was shooting at 6400asa and around 30th at F2.8-4, to give you an idea of how dark the little apt is. The shots get noisey of course, but it is not offensive...I do not mind noise if it is somewhat film like, which is the case with this camera. I also experimented with the video feature, which although a bit wonky, was a fun new toy. Lots of possibilities. I want it for my own, but alas, I may have to wait. The workflow for me would take quite a bit of money to get going - namely upgrading to CS4, among other boring things. I was very inspired, though. Having the new tool in my hand was like a new set of eyes seeing everything fresh. Very surprising how good that felt.

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