Classic Jack Terricloth

I recently got a request for photos of my good friend and sometimes muse Jack Terricloth, author and musical mastermind behind World Inferno Friendship Society. I was happy to revisit this portrait shoot I did a few years ago, as it has never been published outside of the author portrait used on Jack's book cover.

These were some of the last portraits I shot on film, alas. We were in my small makeshift studio with hotlights, a smoke machine, and some wine. That is all secondary trivia; the real reason I am posting this is because this reminds me of why I love photographing Jack Terricloth so much - he is a great subject. Which brings me to my next point...

The Subject
Recently I have come to realize the following: The Subject is EVERYTHING. It is not to diminish my craft, but who I am photoing is more important than how I photo them. I mean, as a portrait photographer I really believe this. I have come to understand that it is far more of a collaboration and a relationship - however brief - than I ever realized before. This is the true artistic experience for me.


natty said...

RE: The subject

I disagree. You can make the ordinary look extroidinary and the unique even more fabulous. Don't sell yourself short!

timelord said...

the third one is brilliant.


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