A Book of My Own

Well, not really MY book - but I photographed all the fashion in Knitting On Top Of The World - a gorgeous 220 page coffee table book for history lovers and talented crafty folks.  

The author and designer is Nicky Epstein, who is a legend in the world of knitting, crochet, and the like.  She was an absolute doll to work with, and so appreciative of the work I did on our week long shoot at the glorious Metropolitan Building.   It was a great collaboration with her and the fantastic creative director Joe Vior, whom I have worked with closely for the last 4years.

Seeing the work again, in it's final printed form is a wonderful, satisfying feeling.  It also reminds me how much I love natural light.  It ads instant drama, luxury, and intimacy.  Beautiful diffused window light is preferred, but I have become a fan of using available evening and night light when it works with the subject.  Let the light fall where it may, and I will follow!


Sarah said...

Hey Rose! I love your photography in all of Nicky Epsteins books. They are so clear and rich with color, design and well selected detail. They make me want to try all the patterns in her books!

I wondered if you could help me with something. In Epstein's Knitting in Tuscany, there is a pattern called the Fresco Vest. In one of the pictures (page 55), the model is wearing a fabulously stunning pair of tall gladiator shoes and I wondered if you knew what brand they were? Or where they were bought? I absolutely love them and have searched many places to find such a pair of shoes, but have not had much luck. I don't know if you also put together the fashion to go with the knitted garments in addition to the photography, but if you know of any way I could find out about these shoes, please let me know! Thank you so much!

Sarah :)

Ps. Oh, and I love looking through your site, by the way. Great work!

Rose said...

Thanks Sarah! I do not know the maker of the sandals, unfortunately. Thanks for your nice comment. - rose

Sarah said...

Ah, I see. Thanks for your help anyway!


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