Jack at a friend's loft on South 5th and Berry, Brooklyn, Aug 7, 2007:

86 degrees and about 150% humidity makes it feel like 125 degrees. Jack wears a wool suit, says he decided 15 yrs ago to throw away his jeans and always wear a suit.  Something about how grown up it makes you look, even if you are not.

I have always wanted to photograph Jack, even before I knew his name.  He was like a fucked up disheveled Johnny Depp working at the junk store on Bedford Ave.  He wore threadbare suits and horn-rimmed glasses, and was quite charming when he wanted to be.  I was destined to make a portrait.  It would take many years, though.  And in the meantime, a lot of life happened.

He told me he has a little prayer that he says to whom it may concern:  "I will give you today, just don't give me anything more than I can handle."  He says, "I guess god thinks I can handle a lot."  That's a good way of looking at it, I say.

May the road rise with you, Jack.

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the illustrious johnny ola said...

do you know the 90's band THE KNOXVILLE GIRLS he was in?
also feat.:
bob bert (sonic youth/chrome cranks)
jerry teel (honeymoon killers/chrome cranks)
kid congo powers (bad seeds/cramps/gun club etc)

awesome band!
one of my 90's faves



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