The Beauty of Things Left Behind

vintage interior at estate sale

Over Memorial Day I spent some time in Southampton, and one morning we went out to this estate sale on Gin Lane by the ocean.  The house was modest by today's standards, but I imagine that back in the day it was quite elegant.  There was a beautiful hazy ocean sunlight streaming in everywhere.  Tattered antiques and lonely personal items made for some beautiful vignettes, this time captured with my iphone and instagram app.

The room above is just about the most perfect space I could imagine to make into a photo studio.  Those windows and perfect slanted skylight - I almost died when I walked in!

vintage armoire and sculpture

vintage valet and ties

vintage liquor bottles

I loved the old labels on the bottles!  I bought a few to turn into vases or what not.  Here is the view as you approach front door - very Grey Gardens.

Southampton, NY

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