Who is Hollister Hovey?

Hollister Hovey. It’s the kind of name that gets you to thinking...

Who is this Hollister Hovey?

Well, she is one of my favorite bloggers to start. And she lives in my neighborhood. And she has well placed ear to the ground about things I just love. I consult her blog regularly to read of her colorful adventures, style musings, and to find restaurants, bars, & shops that I know I will like. She calls it New Vintage, and I totally understand. Now do you see why I just had to meet her and make her portrait – and find out who the real Ms. Hovey is?

Stepping into her loft is like walking into an exquisitely crafted exhibit of curiosities collected over a lifetime, from someone who has lived a fascinating life. Ms. Hovey has a wonderfully seasoned style that is a unique mix of colonial-end-of-the-empire textures and colors (zebra rug, hunting trophies), apothecary curiosities, ornate & eclectic vintage mixed harmoniously with simple, substantial modern pieces. And a bit of the gothic in there, but maybe that is in the eye of the beholder. Oh I just had a great time looking...finding little vignettes everywhere. Decor adore!

And she was so kind and gracious to let me investigate...and move her from here to there and back, and put your hand here and lift your chin a bit and so on. I really cannot do her justice with words. For a much more eloquent interview read this one by John Clarke Jr. in BlackBook . I do the pictures, ok?

The atmosphere of the space is enhanced by a large skylight that adds that dramatic Victorian photo studio lighting to the whole affair. I used this available light, which I was thrilled about. I had to work around it a bit with the help of a reflector, because it was too directly overhead for some shots. Also I had to use a tripod, which is not my preferred method. However since I have been loving working with dim available light these days, it is a necessity. Another necessity is shooting at ASA 1600-3200! Needless to say I have embraced digital noise.

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Hovey gives good glamor. And her skin is flawless.



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